Leica GS08 Plus RTK Rover with CS10

Leica GS08 Plus RTK Rover with CS10, SmartWorx Viva LT software, GPS, GLONASS, in excellent condition and ready to survey
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Leica GS08 GNSS Receiver in excellent condition, full network rover package GPS and Glonass.

Manufactured 2012 light use, sale includes CS10 controller and SmartWorx Viva LT software. Very excellent condition and ready to survey.

Package sale Includes:
- 1X Leica GS08 Plus GNSS Antenna
- 1X Leica CS10 Controller with Smartworx version 4.60 installed
- 1X GHT62 Pole holder base plate for CS10 Controller
- 1X GHT63 Clamp arrangement for attaching the GHT62 to all poles.
- 3X GEB212, Lithium Ion battery, 7.4V / 2.6Ah, chargeable
- 1X GKL211, Charger BASIC, for Li-Ion batteries GEB221 and GEB212, car adapter cable and AC adapter included.
- 1X GVP661, Leica GNSS hard container

Full Network rover package with CS10 controller with GLONASS.  Raw data logging to controller in Leica MDB format

The Leica Viva GS08 plus provides you with the most compact and cable-free GNSS receiver setup. Light-weight but flexible - the GS08plus is the right choice for a wide range of surveying tasks.

CS10 Controller
CS10 3.5G Field Controller. Ruggedized WinCE field controller with full VGA touch display, 1GB AND Flash memory, 512MB SDRAM, CF/SD card slot and 2MP camera. Includes Bluetooth, internal WLAN module, 3.5G GSM/UMTS module, numeric keypad, stylus. Installed with connector module (CBC01).

Specifications Details: http://www.leica-geosystems.com/downloads123/zz/gpsgis/GS08plus/brochures-datasheet/Leica%20Viva%20GS08plus%20DS_en.pdf