Leica TS02 7 Bluetooth Total Station

Leica TS02 7 sec Bluetooth Total Station, 1 standard keyboard, user manual and container.
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Leica TS02 7” Total Station with Bluetooth Package, including:

• TS02 7”(2mgon) total station, 1 standard keyboard, user manual and container.
• GSD04 Communication Sidecover with USB host, USB device plug, int. Bluetooth, USB Memory Stick & GEV223 USB Cable for TS02/06/09, mounted (can be ordered only with new instrument)
• GDF111-1 BASIC tribrach, without optical plummet, pale green.
• GEB221 Lithium-Ion battery, 7.4V/4.4Ah, chargeable.
• GKL211 Charger BASIC, for Li-Ion batteries GEB221 and GEB211, car adapter cable and net adapter included.
• FlexOffice Standard Software, basic functionality for FlexLine instruments. (Node-Locked License)
• FlexOffice Standard DVD.