Topcon GR3 RTK Base Rover Set

Topcon GR3 RTK Base Rover Set sale, 450-470 Mhz internal UHF radios, TDS Ranger Survey Pro, RX/RX capacity, sim card slot celluar modem.
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Topcon GR3 RTK Base Rover Set sale, shop tested and ready to work out the box.

Condition: Used Topcon GPS L1 L2 Glonass GR-3 RTK Base Rover Set TDS Ranger 3 Survey Pro GNSS

Package sale Includes:

- 2x Base and Rover : Topcon GR-3 Rover, 72 channels, Dual Frequency L1, L2, Glonass, 5hz update rate,  450-470mhz Internal UHF TX Radio, 6144mb Internal Memory
- Data Collector : TDS Ranger 3 with Survey Pro software
- Carry Case
- DC Clamp
- Cables
- Chargers
- Antennas
- Topcon Carbon Fiber Rover Rod
- 2x Meter Fixed Height Tripod
- Bi pod

This Topcon GR3 RTK Base Rover has 450-470mhz internal UHF radios.

The TDS Ranger 3 has Survey Pro Software (Standard, Pro and GPS enabled).

Both the base and rover are set up with a 5hz update rate and internal memory on board.

These unit's track GPS L1 L2 and Glonass Full time (purchased).

Both unit's are enabled as base or rovers which means both have RX/RX capacity.

Both unit's also have the sim card slot if you want to use them on a cellular modem.